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AUTO PROBE 6-12 VOLT 77023
AUTO PROBE 6-12 VOLT 77023

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Tests for voltage, continuity, short circuits and bad earths.
Also suitable for energizing components such as motors, relays and fuel pumps on or off the vehicle.
Complete with 4.5m cable
  • This tester should fail in any toolbox.
    Test voltage, continuity, closure and poor soil. Equipped with 4.5 meter cable with alligator clips.
    Can also be used for electrical components such as motors, relays, fuel pumps, fan motors, window and sunroof motors, wiper motors etc.
    Suitable for testing switches, relays, diodes, fuses and wire trees. Cables for Test polarity and connectors.
    Power comes from the vehicle's battery (6-24vdc)
    This device saves a lot of TIME.